Consulting Company for Coordinating General Cosmetic Business

Producing Cosmetics

Eden Co., Ltd is a consulting company for coordinating general cosmetic business. In the Japanese matured female beauty related market, we offer a consultation for cosmetics planning, sales promotion, and advertisement. We, as comprehending every detail of cosmetic business, will assist your company from cosmetic material planning to package design production.

Many PB (Private Brand) that we provided our consultations successfully have received the Grand Gold Medal Award of Monde Selection. So our company has established the international reputation with the award.
The cosmetic market is a diversified market. A consultant who comprehends inside and out of cosmetic strategy will support for product development in accordance with your company’s needs. Our strengths are a product development with firmly comprehending end user’s voice and clear-sighted marketing strategy.

We will take any consultation such as:
“For those who are interested in cosmetic business”
“For those who desire to compete in the market with private brand”
“For those who desire to produce original cosmetics with low budget and small lot”

If you are interested in the above-mentioned items, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Our Main Business Partners

Major national esthetic salons, hair salons, drug stores, hot spring facilities, mail-order cosmetic companies, and major national pet salons (pet shops),drugmaker.

List of Cosmetic Products

Skin-care Face-wash Liquid, Face-wash Soap, Face-wash Foam, Cleansing Foam (Gel & Oil), Skin Lotion, Beauty essence, Gel/Cream pack, Facial mask, Skin care, and other
Hair-care Shampoo, Treatment cosmetics & conditioner, Hair essence, Styling gel, Hair makeup, Body lotion/other body-care products, Hair coloring products (Non-medicinal products, Hair coloring product by light coloring, Hair manicure (temporary hair coloring), and Coloring treatment)
Oral Cosmetics Mouthwash
Non-medicinal Products Skin lightening, UV cream, Depilatory, Hair restoration tonic, and Hair coloring products

Consulting for Cosmetic Container

We offer various kinds of Japan-made or foreign-made cosmetic containers. It is said that a feature of cosmetics is decided by its container. We directly deal with foreign container factories and import their innovative foreign containers that are not available in the Japanese container designs.
We take an order from small lot for responding our client’s needs. So please feel free to contact us!

Cosmetic Container